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Texas Based Panther Chameleon Breeders

Socialized, captive bred, home raised chameleons. 

For hundreds more pictures,

and daily updates on your favorite panthers follow us on Instagram 

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Chameleon Merchandise

Are you a fan of Red's Chameleons?

Have you been dyeing to show off your love for our scaly reptilian friends?

Check out our online chameleon store powered by

You can also get there through the product links below.

Prices on website DO NOT include sales price on Zazzle (There is always a coupon code) 

Click links to learn more.

International shipping and purchases in other currencies are also available.

***All non animal sales are made through through Zazzel's website , when you click the product link you we be transferred there.***   

Waiting Lists

In order to promote a longer lifespan, we try to limit our female’s clutches. 

Unfortunately for our customers that means we have fewer babies a year and typically sell out fast. Most times before they are even a month old.  

So, if you really like one of our males inquire with us on when his next waiting list is coming up.


For the waiting list we take a $50 deposit once the clutch has reached 2 months of age for a limited number of males and females. Just in case we lose a few or get a high amount of the opposing sex.

Then your balance plus tax and shipping are due when they are three to four months old and or large enough to travel. 

This can help give you time to plan that awesome terrarium and get all the essentials. 

Another bonus is that while you’re waiting I'll be posting update pictures on our Instagram page and available to answer any set up questions you may have. 

For your peace of mind

If we are unable to complete your order the deposit can be moved to the next waiting list of your choice.

They weren't always Friendly  

The Boy's didn't all start out friendly. Some panthers just don't want to be your best friend right away. 

Check out our Tumblr Blog for tips and tricks on how to get a grumpy chameleon to find you more tolerable, hand feed, and maybe one day be friendly. 

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