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Waiting List

The wait is worth it. 

No need to worry over missing out on your perfect panther. We always run waiting lists on up and coming clutches. You can safely get in line and get updates on your chosen clutch on Instagram while they grow. If we come up short on your order, we can always transfer your deposit to the next list.

Full Prices and Liniage are in the product discription once you click on the waiting list your interested in. 

Last updated on  12/27/2017

Hello, due to higher demand than anticipated our Male waiting lists have had to evolve a bit this year. 

This year we will only have two lists for males Ambilobe and Nosy Be. 

At the moment they are currently at 

Ambilobe   #20

Nosy Be  #25

Based on my current male hatch rate I estimate  being able to fill my current orders around  July for Ambilobe and September for Nosy Be

(Remember I breed for quality not quantity)

A $50 deposit will be due once you are 6th in line to continue to hold your spot in line. 

When it is your turn I will send you pictures and prices of whats available at that time,


You may get 1-3 to choose between. You can choose to pick or pass your turn. 

Ambilobe males range between $350-$480 plus tax and shipping.


Nosy Be range between $360-$480 plus tax and shipping.


To get on these new lists I need you to contact us on Instagram or Facebook Messenger.  


Send us you name, phone number, email address and the list you are wanting to join.


If you have more questions please feel free to message us on Instagram or Facebook Messenger.  

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